Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment Questions

Q   What are the benefits of the Simply Smooth Keratin treatment?

A    The Keratin treatment is a natural healthy smoothing process that                 restructures and reconditions hair fibers. It is formaldehyde free, haircolor safe and creates incredible shine.

Q    Who can use the Keratin treatment?

A    Anyone who wishes to have smoother, healthier hair.

Q    Does the Keratin treatment require a touch up application?

A    No. The next application will be applied onto the entire hair shaft.

Q    Is this a permanent straightener?

A    No, the treatment makes hair smooth for approximately 12 to 16 weeks.

Sunless Spray Tan Questions

Q    How long does the tan last?

A    With proper care, your tan can be expected to last 7-10 days. Also, products are available that can extend the life of your tan.

Q    How should I prepare for my spray tan?

A    Come with freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin. Apply lotion no longer than 2 hours prior to your tan.

Q    What should I wear for my spray tan appointment?

A    We recommend wearing an old bikini or undergarments (disposable undergarments are available). Clothing is optional, however gentlemen MUST wear some form of undergarment.

Spa Questions

Q    How should I prepare for my pedicure?

A    Bring open toe sandals and wear pants that can be pushed up and over the knee.

Q    What should I do to prepare for my massage or facial?

A    Leave all jewelry at home. If you wear contacts, it is recommended that you take them out and wear your glasses for you appointment. 

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